Greenfield Sites

Greenfield sites (including rural exception sites) present different challenges from Brownfield redevelopment. This is because the uplift in value (from agricultural use) achieved on the grant of planning permission will in most cases support the provision of some Affordable Housing.

In these cases, our experience is that the proper inclusion of infrastructure costs and build costs, are likely to justify a reduction in the ‘tariff’ requirements of local planning policy.

In some cases, challenging viability can be addressed by changing the mix of Affordable Housing tenures within the overall quantity of Affordable Housing sought by policy.

The expectations of both the Landowner and the Local Authority need to be satisfied in order to bring forward viable and implementable consents. This can be challenging, particularly where there are unrealistic expectations on the Policy Levels of Affordable Housing.

Our experience allows the site value to be maximised whilst keeping the LPA on side.

Exeter Road, Okehampton EX20 1XB

A green-field site with a proposal for 50 houses and flats with a mix of Affordable Rent and Shared Ownership units. S106 Management are instructed to advise on viability and negotiate a suitable mix of Affordable Housing to deliver this site.

Ashford Road, Harrietsham ME17 1BN

This is a site for 49 houses and flats with a Policy requirement for 40% Affordable Housing. S106 Management advised on the viability and have agreed a revised tenure with ‘Affordable Rent’ (80% of market rent) replacing ‘Social Rent’ (Typically sub 50%).